Wilben debuts ‘reasonably priced’ Boltons Bolthole
Wilben debuts ‘reasonably priced’ Boltons Bolthole
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Boutique development outfit Wilben has launched its first project of 2017, billing as an opportunity to buy into a rock star address for less than you’d think.

The firm has launched the fully-specced townhouse in the Little Boltons in Chelsea at £6.95m (just over £2,500 per square foot) – a price tag it says is a rarity amongst the neighbourhood’s ultra-prime stucco-fronted mansions, which can fetch up to £80m, or £10,000 psf.

Wilben’s co-founder William Samuels: “For a buyer seeking a home in one of the capital’s finest neighbourhoods, this property is perfectly placed.

“Many people aspire to live in the Boltons but just can’t afford the premium prices the area commands. Alongside this, the prime market overall has stalled since the 2014 Stamp Duty hike, and the properties worst affected have been those that are too expensive – mainly because development costs have spiralled.

“Our ability to retain quality while keeping costs sane is no secret: it comes down to our approach. As a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to adapt. We can purchase luxury materials like marble at exceptional rates and can create sophisticated interior layouts without multitudes of middle-men. Larger firms simply cannot match this dynamism. It’s what allows us to bring a well-designed luxury home like 40 The Little Boltons to market at such a reasonable value.”

The four-storey affair is laid out with a formal living room on the raised ground floor leading onto a terrace with views across the Boltons, while the lower ground level has a kitchen-living area overlooking a garden complete with fountains, along with a self-contained bedroom with its own private entrance. There’s another four double beds on the upper floors, including a full-floor master on the first, with an overall interior scheme described as “classic genteel”.

A-list fans of the Boltons over the years have included Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Madonna; Jeffery Archer once had a place there too.

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